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Meaning of Numbers and Shapes in Mandalas

It is possible to obtain greater benefits from Mandala meditation by learning about the hidden meanings of repeated shapes and numbers. When we draw sacred figures, particularly Mandala, the numbers and characteristics of the shapes determine the background of the Mandala. 

We aim to provide you with an explanation of the meanings of the numbers and shapes that are incorporated into these mysterious pieces of art. These shapes and numbers appear in every sort of Mandala. So if you have a wooden mandala wall art or a fabric with a Mandala design, it’s time to get back to them again and look for their possible mysteries.

Mandala and its Mysteries

The Mandala represents the cosmos and eternity by virtue of its perfect form; a circle. In every Mandala, you can find at least one or two circles forming the Mandala art. Mandalas are sacred symbols of healing, harmony, union, integration, and totality. This name is derived from Sanskrit and means: Holy Circle. This is a symbol representing the universe, God and the creator, the human being, the number zero, and life.

Meaning of the Shapes in Mandala

If a shape represents a word, a feeling, or an emotion, you may try to understand how it speaks to our mind or what it may express by portraying it in that shape. There are many untold stories about the background of each element in Mandalas. Some of these interpretations are popular with many people, and we will mention them below. However, don’t forget that if you own a Mandala in your place, you can change the meanings of the shapes and numbers. In other words: you have your own philosophy!


Points are small and hard to find elements, which may explain why they escape from our notice and evoke darkness or nothingness. When a point is positioned in the center of a mandala, it can represent a person and himself/herself. The position of the point matters when it comes to the meaning of the Point. This is an image of concentrated energy, beginning and also ending. It may also symbolize loneliness among the crowd.


The circle signifies unity, perfection in the creation, pace, cohesiveness, harmony in nature, wholeness, and how the world is all in a whole unit. Circles represent infinity or continuous dynamic, just like the wheel, which is one of the best inventions ever and signifies never-ending energy. As well as being a symbol of symmetry, eternity, and perfection, it can also represent the community (family, friends), security, unity, connection, harmony, and community.


Generally speaking, a spiral represents movement, an upward/downward moving force, a graceful unfolding of positive energy. In some cultures, spirals represent receiving information, passing energy or the path of a soul, whirlpools, tunnels to light (even channels), and even giant circles. When twisted clockwise, a spiral communicates freedom, openness, overcoming obstacles, and fusing. Even DNA, which sustains life, is wound into a spiral. It is a form that has no end.


The round shape is connected almost exclusively with feminine and divine energies. The square refers to starting points; In fact, four starting points. 

Because it is determined by the four cardinal points and four elements, it symbolizes the framework of our world. It represents solidity and maintenance, home and justice. Also, it is possible to see it as four points of view coming together in a compromise.


Pointed shapes, such as triangles, also have lines; they express profound perception and represent rising to the sky and transcending.

Triangles are associated with warnings, separation, cruelty, coldness, and sharp heads, but they are also symbols of safety and protection, the supremacy of leadership, universality, kindness, orientation, and endlessness.

Mandala and Numbers

Here’s a breakdown of each number’s meaning, They all have their specific meanings and people are allowed to consider their favorite meanings for the elements in Mandalas. To have a general overview of the possible meaning of the number in Mandala, you can have a look at them:

The Number One

If you like to appear more independent, stable, and powerful, a one-based Mandala can be a great option for your decoration. The number “One” has the background of independence and power. One reminds you of seeing yourself as part of a whole, also belonging to that whole. Mandala lovers much appreciate this unity and wholeness.

The Number Two 

A mandala with a numerical base of two is an excellent sign of compatibility between two people. Place two mandalas side-by-side in your bedroom if you’re looking for your soul mate.
Creation and procreation are other hidden meanings in number two; however, it also represents challenges of our day-to-day life, which we must learn to accept and deal with. Hanging a Mandala wall sculpture with a numerical base of number two will be a good reminder of these many nice concepts.

The Number Three 

Three is a dynamic number that brings new spiritual energies, relates to the sacred trinity, and speaks to personal growth, self-realization, and the enlightenment process. People who are into self-awareness and cognitive therapy may like to benefit from Three-based Mandalas. There is an energetic concept in this number, by which you can get yourself together and have more energy for your life.

The Number Four 

The Number Four is connected to the four elements and their cardinal points. This icon represents the search for our fate and future. Repeated fours in Mandalas bring you a sense of productivity and hard work. A stable state of being sure about the future and what is coming through. Totality, distance, and tranquillity are all aspects of the number four, which unite opposites, rationality, the quest for identity, and self-recognition.

The Number Five 

The number five represents movement, adventure, a healthy, harmonious relationship of Yin and Yang, sexuality, happiness, and the ability to feel connected with reality. It also represents dreams and their protection.

The Number Six 

Number six is one of those numbers with many meanings. First of all, it means family, representing the feminine and masculine both together in a combination. It symbolizes the union of opposites, creativity, and perfection, satisfaction, and fulfillment at the end of everything.

The Number Seven 

People who prefer to be more intuitive should consider the number seven a very important element in their Mandalas. This number is all about the contraction of the heavens and earth. The journey one may pass from the earth to the transcend levels and self-development journey are the main concepts about the number seven. The end of life and the universe is another meaning behind the number seven. It is more likely to see the number seven in Mandalas, as it is a very sacred number in many religions and beliefs. 

The Number Eight 

A symbol of prosperity, harmony, order, balance, and cosmic equilibrium. It represents happiness, harmony, boundlessness, constant change, and newness in life. Many shapes appear eight times in Mandalas. Whenever you see a Mandala, try to count similar shapes and find the numerical base of them. If you look carefully, the number eight can be found everywhere, representing the harmony of shapes and the order and balance of life.

The Number Nine 

Numerology experts and those who are into the meaning of numbers consider nine the most powerful spiritual numbers, attracting angelic energies. Nine represents the creative and intuitive mind of human beings, the enigma of existence, and positive spiritual energies. Many believe that the presence of the number nine in a Mandala art pattern will attract the positive energy of the place. 

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Last Words

The meaning of numbers and shapes in Mandala has been told before. Many people think alike when it comes to the meaning of these elements but never forget that this type of art is based on your experience of existence; you can choose your favorite shapes and colors and number and use the proper meaning of them based on your way of understanding. They have no power until you give it to them.