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Sacred Geometry Art

Is meditation difficult to fit in your busy schedule? No problem! Sacred geometry, in combination with visionary art, will help you align yourself through symmetry and balance. It describes the patterns that appear everywhere in nature and the universe.
These forms have been used in the art for at least 4,000 years and are thought to connect viewers with the divine realm. Taking time to concentrate and gaze at these patterns, you will touch your spirit, and a sense of connection appears. You will feel free and connected at the same time.

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry is commonly described as the blueprint of the universe and the source of all forms. In these sorts of designs, the energy patterns, that underlie all existence and unify all systems, are examined closely. They reveal exactly how the forces of creation work. 

One or more geometric shapes are perceived to be the foundation for every pattern of growth or movement observed in nature. You will see many of these shapes in Sacred Geometry. We believe that all molecules of life, like our DNA, crystals, stars, galaxies, shells, and the air we breathe, were designed using geometric codes.

Sacred Geometry in Life

The Sacred Geometric forms, shapes, and codes may reveal vital wisdom, allowing the universe itself to emerge. Many people have discovered that they have a natural feature to act as part of the healing and empowerment journey. The ancients regarded Sacred Geometry as essential for the enlightenment of the soul. 

In their minds, these patterns and codes symbolized our inner realm and served as key symbols to higher consciousness, self-awareness, and personal development. With these spiritual kinds of art, we are able to strengthen our connection to spirit and have a harmonious equilibrium within ourselves and towards the outside world. 

Sacred geometry wall arts underlies everything and works as a support system for all creation, an integral part of everything we experience. Sacred geometry carries high frequencies of vitality and brightness that can heal, arouse, transform, and set up your soul. 

A symbol is like a roadmap that provides assistance in your life journey but can also be used more consciously to deepen your soul awareness and connect you to your true divine essence. 

Using the power of the chakra, you will find a link with the infinite realms and the oneness of life in nature as well as the whole world around us. Sacred geometry fosters healing, harmony, and rebalancing both on an inner and outer level, uniting the two.

Flower of Life in Sacred Geometry

“Flowers of Life” symbolize the connection with all living things in the universe. This sacred symbol is considered universally sacred, as well as holding within it the ‘blueprint’ of creation, the “Platonic Solids.” These are the templates that serve as the basis for life.

According to the Greek Mystery Schools, there were five perfect 3D shapes, the tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron. This goes back to 2,500 years ago. These universally recognized solids are thought to be the foundation of everything in the physical world, symbolizing the unity of all things. 

However, Platonic Solids are made of many simple shapes, and in case you want to fully understand how it is created, it’s enough to separate them. You will see spirals, circles, triangles, and straight lines.

Pyramid in Sacred Geometry

It consists of the golden ratio, triangles, squares, and the number three, which represents divinity and humanity. The pyramid also contains four angles of the golden ratio. It puts a profound emphasis on the relationships between source & humanity. 

The Giza Pyramid in Egypt is shaped in this way and was built to open the door for connections to the spiritual states. At the top of the pyramid is the point of spiritual attainment; underneath is the upward journey towards enlightenment. As well as being used for initiations, pyramids also served as a direct way for transporting initiates to “Other realms.” They were associated with death and transformation.

Sacred Geometry in Healing

We have seen how sacred geometric shapes help us connect deeper to our true selves, enabling us to harmonize more deeply with the outer world. We will be able to expand and connect on many levels as each geometric shape has a specific intention and feeling of energy.

A meditation experience with Sacred Geometry for the healing process gives you the chance to make a significant change in your feelings and emotions. Your physical being and awareness will both make a combination of healing vibes, resulting in rebalancing.

Sacred Geometry Art

Sacred Geometry has been around for many centuries. Many people who enjoy spiritual experiences have used them in their journey through awareness and meditation. Right now, we have them in our hands in various forms and styles. 

We use them as essential components of our wooden wall art pieces, and they appear in amazing designs. The remarkable point is that even ancient pieces of art are now trendy. Maybe the reason is the universal symbols and concepts used in these patterns. They seem familiar to many people, and once you gaze at them, the mysteries pour into your eyes. 

If you are into these types of decoration, here you are and your journey with our Sacred Geometry Arts.