About Us

One day, I decided to live my life to the fullest. Then I set my plans for tomorrow at my desk. But, the day ahead was a big one. I had to drop My Master's degree when I decided to end my wrong path. 

There was a voice in my head, a familiar voice; The same voice in my head when I studied Civil Engineering instead of Architecture during my bachelor's degree. I remember someone in my mind was trying to wake me up; was it me? Who knows! Even though I studied in one of the high-ranked engineering fields and was accepted for an environmental science master's program, my passion for art never faded over time. 

Having dropped out of university after the massive administrative process, I was finally able to finish my Academic path. I was excited for the days ahead and the successes that lay ahead.

Throughout the years, I taught industrial design, the Goldberg machine, and the structure to keep a glimmer of hope in my life. My interests motivated me to keep going. Reading about psychology, art, and philosophy used to revive my heart and soul.

My focus was on geometry, not engineering calculations, and to help my students succeed, I developed a collection of kits that enabled them to easily transform their ideas into reality. I had just begun a project and designed some kits for my students, so I created prototypes using laser technology and a 3D printer.

Due to my previous study of complex cognitive engineering, I had some relative geometry knowledge, so I tried to create my design and research. At last, I discovered that many people make art paintings through the use of geometric sacred mandalas.

My research and studies allowed me to learn how this beautiful and wonderful art affects people's lives and health.

My works of sacred geometry and mandalas express the artistic side of my being since they provide me and others with relief, self-control, and inner peace. As a result of the honorable acknowledgment I received from my friends and family, I started Kahroba.

Now Kahroba is producing wooden wall arts, I make wooden arts either by myself or with the assistance of other artists who design the artworks and then I make them. Currently, three people work with Kahroba Wood Art.




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