Are you an artist?

In today's world, the cooperation of artists will lead to the flourishing of their art. Therefore, one of our objectives in Kahrobawoodart is to pave the way for collaboration with other artists. If you are an independent artist and want to recreate your art in collaboration with Kahrobawoodart, Now is a good time. This collaboration can be one of your best strategies to evolve your design. With us, you can improve your artwork. ​

Conditions on collaboration with us:

There are three different ways to collaborate with us that you can choose one of them based on your demands. In all of the approaches, there is one general process As follows:
  1. The artist send the design to the Kahrobawoodart.
  2. The design will be checked and analyzed with the help of you and the designer (To prepare it for recreation)
  3. Your design will be redesigned .
After completing these parts, there are three ways available for the artist.  

First Approach:

In this approach, the prepared design will be sent to you as a dxf file, ready to cut, at the final step. With the help of this blueprint, the artist can build their artwork, and we will be ready to consult you in each step of the process. In this specific approach, You will only be charged for recreating the design of the work.

Second Approach:

In this way, the recreated design by Kahrobawoodart will be constructed, and the photos of the product and a dxf file will be sent to the artist. In this specific approach, You will be charged for design recreation, the material used, and the final construction.

Third Approach

This one is our recommended approach. First, our designer will recreate your design, and then it will be constructed, and at the final step, it will be sent to you. In this specific approach, You will be charged for design recreation, the material used, final construction, and shipping costs.

Attention: If you think none of the ways above fits your demands and have any other questions, please contact us. We will respond as soon as we can.