Crowned Hairstreak Mandala detailed view main part front view

Crowned Hairstreak Mandala Wall Art


Center piece:

Decorate your walls with this wooden Mandala wall art. Mandala is a type of art including many shapes and elements in its design. As you can see in this Wooden Mandala, every piece appears circular, representing the whole cosmos and universe.

An excellent choice for decorating walls is modern wooden wall art. Your room seems more energetic and spiritual with wall sculptures and Mandala designs. The repeated elements in this laser-cut sculpture represent meanings and remind you of their background. Number Four is the repeated concept in it. It can be interpreted as “Searching for Fate and Destiny” and a stable state of being sure about the future and further happenings. It has four main parts, that’s why we think of number four.

Also, other shapes are shown here; all of them are layered laser-cut. Many circles and circular lines have formed an eye-shaped center point. To those who like to use these arts for meditation and the healing process, it is recommended to focus on the center of Mandalas. A united universe is shaped in the circles of this design, and they are within another circle that means our existence in the universe. It represents the subconscious or soul of the human. Laser-cut semicircles are used to display the mystical meanings featured in modern arts.

The beautiful thing about this Mandala wall hanging is the way you can see its shapes. Looking differently, you can find a butterfly design in this Mandala. Change your angle, and again, the circles attract you. All in all, you have many pictures within each other with various meanings.

To enhance the beauty of your decoration, this Mandala wood art would be a nice idea. Add it to other Asian designs of your wall and enjoy the combination of old and modern art in one masterpiece. You can take a look at our Etsy Shop in order to purchase this product.


Side pieces:

Does your wall decoration need a  symbol of spirituality? Here you can have an excellent example of Asian art to help you so. This multi-layer laser-cut Mandala consists of a combination of shapes and elements; each one represents a profound concept about life, the universe, and our existence.

You can use these laser-cut artworks for minimal decorations and small walls inside the houses and bring a sense of spirituality to the environment. Mandala is a type of Asian art that is used in meditation and the healing process. Every element in the artwork has a background of stories and legends. The main point behind the Mandala designs is awareness about the universe and the cosmos. Also, you can always find a symbol of your own in the Mandala art, only if you look carefully and dive into the mysterious designs.

Everything has a meaning in Mandala art, as well as an old story behind it. Every number reminds you of various concepts and things to think about. Within this Mandala wall hanging, many criss-cross semicircles are interwoven to shape a beautiful design. You see the face of a human in this wall-hanging sculpture, with two eyes filled with calmness. If you are into this type of art, this philosophical piece of art would be a great option for your room decoration.

A very important thing about Mandala is that you can always interpret it in the way you want, which means the symbols come to your life by the meaning you give them. It is said that these designs represent our lives in the universe by the shape of a small circle in another big circle. You know it is a similar subject to you, and you might have thought about it. Still, you can consider other meanings for it.

This artwork is made of layers of high-quality wood in a range of colors, from bright ones to dark ones. For those who want to add the face-shaped Mandala wall hanging to their decoration, we have an Etsy Shop where you can experience a cool purchase.

Size: Center Piece: 55*50 cm      Side Pieces: 50*27 cm

Made up of 7 Layers



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