Frida Wooden Mandala Wall Art front view

Frida Wooden Mandala Wall Art


Many people want an ancient style for their decoration. Sometimes your room needs a borrowed element or symbol. It is a popular thing to use a type of art or decoration with a cultural background, and Mandala wall hanging is the best choice.
Mandala is not just a name. It refers to a sort of art that dates back to many centuries ago. Within the design of the Mandala are complicated shapes and symbols. They give you a strong vibe depending on their meanings and background. They are also used when you want to meditate to concentrate on your inner self. The primary meaning of Mandala is “circle,” and you can see your soul and existence appear in the design of the Mandala in the form of a circle in another circle. A more giant circle represents the whole cosmos and universe.
You can find circles and a wide range of shapes, numbers, and meaningful elements in these laser-cut wooden wall sculptures. In this case, you can see many squares inside another one shaping a CenterPoint full of squares. According to the culture of Mandala, squares are the representations of future and stability as well as four cardinal points and the framework of the world. The ones who hang these multi-layered Mandalas in their rooms will benefit from their majestic feelings after gazing at them.
The process of healing and the journey of meditation seem to be easier and more profound when it comes to spiritual Mandala wall hangings. They help you focus on one thing and communicate with your inner self. The shapes and repeated numbers also play a vital role in your connection and experience.
The semi-circles and lines in this beautiful design are all layers of wood, and you can not open the design as they are glued. To purchase these laser-cut sculptures, it’s easy to visit our Online Etsy Shop. You can pick your favorite design and choose the way you prefer to hang it on the wall, but don’t forget! They are precious pieces of art; take care of them.

Size: 47*47 cm

Made up of 6 Layers


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