Geomagnetic Mandala detailed view front view

Geomagnetic Mandala Wall Art


Mandala designs have been around for centuries. Right now, you can have them on your walls with excellent manufacturing quality and beautiful patterns. If your room needs to get more spiritual and meaningful, nothing can help it as a mysterious Mandala wall sculpture. It consists of various shapes and symbols and represents deep and philosophical concepts about life and the universe.
Laser-cut wooden Mandalas are the modern version of the these wooden wall arts. Many people prefer to bring spirituality to their house by hanging them on the wall. They fit the minimal decorations as well as colorful walls. Many components come together to form a 3d wood art with criss-cross lines and semicircles. Depending on your angle, you can find different patterns in Mandala; change your place and gaze at them, then you will find another shape to be fascinated about.
A repeated shape in this modern wall art design is the circle. It is not by chance, as the word Mandala means “circle” in the Sanskrit language. It is the symbol of roundness and oneness in the world. The light and dark semicircles in the pattern seem to be the free roots of a plant growing to become complete. Also, they can represent your thoughts and imaginations reaching wherever they want. Spiritual people tend to have these elements in the environment they live in. You can count on them as powerful sources of energy.
Hopefully, the meditation and healing process is made easy with the help of these artworks. You can have a picture of all the universe shown by mysterious shapes only in a creative wood-layered sculpture. Flowers, numbers, eyes, and shapes are hidden in this Mandala, look carefully, and you can find them within the design.
If you want this masterpiece for your decoration or meditation times, there is an excellent opportunity by which you will own one of them to enhance your room’s beauty. Visit our Etsy Shop for more pictures and information. Shipping and safe packing are also provided to bring you a great online shopping experience

Size: 70*47 cm

Made up of 6 Layers


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