Hrada Wooden Mandala Wall Art front view

Hrada Wooden Mandala Wall Art


Mandalas are used in both Buddhism and Hinduism as a spiritual tool. An ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, provides the root of the word mandala. The mandala is a circle, which is seen as an abstract, magical form, without beginning or end, similar to the belief that the universe has no lot.
It is time for all of us to be inspired by Lotus, which represents the exit from the material world and the spiritual union with the whole world, and to give our minds a little peace and order.
Oriental philosophies view mandalas as symbols of the universe. They represent a sense of unity and diversity.
Mandala designs in the form of lotus or sun, also called enlightenment, are good tools for returning to spirituality and inner peace. This lotus flower and stem, which is doubted by repeating unique lines and finally has reached unity in the center, invites you to calm down and meditate.
Bring the mandalas home and look closely at its hinged petals, which can appear closed or open. Find the central shape and ring of the gods.
Gone are the da. It gives you its beauty unconditionally when your head was overflowing and your thoughts seemed to continue in a circle. The art and the attitude behind it are ready to serve at any time. It is your good friend because, in addition to helping your self-knowledge.
Mandalas are an excellent tool for deep thinking, so do not hesitate. If you spend a little time looking at your mandala, you will find it a meditation kind.
It might be beneficial to keep your memory sharp by using these wooden sacred pieces. These sacred geometry let you create beautiful patterns in your life, just like the repetitive nature of many of them, and make you happier.
You are probably also interested in having a new and more prosperous kind of beauty by your side. Our online store will help you along the way.

This is a Collaborative work with “Jayshree”

About Jayshree:

I am a contemporary artist, graphic designer and illustrator based in India. I mostly work with mandalas and patterns and sometimes a bit of botanical drawings.

Mandalas are the most sophisticated way to represent the wholeness and connection of the entire universe in an art form. I discovered mandalas when I didn’t even realized what this
art form was called. It was when I started living by myself in college and tried to figure out a way to stay sane. I started doodling random stuff and patterns and then discovered mandalas.
I went through some online tutorials and guides and started drawing about 5 years ago. I drew almost everyday just because I liked it and eventually I got better at it.
Drawing mandalas is more than just an art form. It’s meditative, calming and a wonderful concentration exercise. It represents the whole circle of life and universe,
you just need to see it.

I am now a full time artist and a freelance designer and illustrator. I’ve never worked a 9-5 job and always tried to make my living doing the things that i like the most.
Working as a freelancer is challenging and rewarding at the same time. The most important thing is that I can choose the clients I wanna work with and the projects I wanna
work on. It’s the most fulfilling thing because with this, I can choose my way of life.

As an artist, I try to explore as many different mediums and artforms as possible. I love to experiment and do fusion work by combining two or more artforms with many different
mediums. It’s just about exploring and evolving your art style and it comes with practice and only practice.

I wish to design my life around mandalas one day and hopefully it will be enough.

To see Jayshree’s arts you can follow her on Instagram


Size: Diameter 60 cm

Made up of 6 Layers


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