Irene Wooden Mandala Wall Art front view

Irene Wooden Mandala Wall Art


Have you ever wondered about the background of Asian Mandala art? These days, you can see Mandala art everywhere in various forms and colors. They are amazing options for your wall decoration and room’s atmosphere as they are considered spiritual pieces of art.
This wall-hanging Mandala fits your minimal or modern decoration due to its dark color and patterns. You can find some of the most repeated shapes in the design, and each of them represents a story, legend, or philosophical concept. The concepts are mostly related to the position of human beings in the universe and untold stories about the relation of humans with the world.
You can see triangles and semicircles in this mandala wood art. Lines show profound perception in angular forms, such as triangles; they represent rising into the sky and higher states of being. Often seen as symbols of warning, universality, kindness, orientation, and endlessness, triangles are associated with leadership and separation.
These elements and repeated numbers have different meanings, and also you can give them their senses. You might like to use it in your meditation journey while trying to concentrate on your thoughts, and it would be extremely effective for your mindfulness.
The lines and design in this masterpiece are just like the roadmap to healing and awareness. They help you feel calm and relaxed, especially if you put them at the center point of your decoration. Layers of laser-cut wood have made this art a wonderful design for every kind of decoration.
If you have more questions about Mandala and its role in day-to-day life, you can have one of them as a significant part of your wall decor and try to communicate with your inner self to fully understand it. To have one of these multilayers laser-cut Mandalas, take a look at our online Etsy Shop.

Size: 47*55cm

Made up of 6 Layers


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