Jungle Mandala mirror wooden laser cut wall art front view

Jungle Mandala wall Mirror


The essence or primary purpose of the mandala is the process of appealing to God; It is calling on God and recognizing that the spiritual and healing power is within the praying and Meditating.
If you are looking for a Mandala wall sculpture that turns your inner processes into an objective effect and you understand your life events, thoughts and feelings more and more, the presence of mandalas art around you is essential.
Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning magic circle, and its symbolic scope includes all regular concentric shapes, radial or spherical shapes with all rings or squares having a central point.
It is believed that the center of the mandala circle is where religious meditation takes place.
Creating a mandala means gathering spiritual and intangible things means building peace and order in a chaotic and messy world. So when you add this mandala design to your place of residence, it is as if you have brought this way of thinking to your life.
In addition to their spiritual background, these wooden wall arts depict a beauty taken from the beauty of the essence of the world.
Mandalas or allied circles of the center are the last stage of inner evolution or spiritual harmony. The transformation of a square into a circle in a mandala is similar to the growth of the mechanical crystallization of a force into a known stage. The principle of which in the east is the same as passing through the earth and going to the sky.
It is very reassuring to see these deep meanings delicately crafted with wood as you enter the house and review and remember all of these beliefs. Mandalas, each of which, in addition to being a visual expression of you and your deep state of mind, have unique characteristics and are as unique as your fingerprint.
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Size: Diameter 73 cm

made up of 6 layers


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