Kyler Wooden Mandala Wall Art front view

Kyler Wooden Mandala Wall Art


Mandalas are effective in that they enter the subconscious mind; They give liberation and freedom, thus bringing to the surface what has gone to the lower layers of the human mind.
Hindus and Buddhists utilize mandalas, geometric shapes in both their religions, to represent the world by focusing on the self and exploring the world within. When you look at this wooden mandala, you see the most prominent symbol of contemplation and revelation.
A mandala is formed when the magic rings are intertwined in a repetitive, spherical, and radial pattern—regular repetition to achieve unity and symmetry.
When you see a mandala, you will pay special attention to its center, so your focus will be on the inner part of the mandala and then on the inside of yourself. This is a beautiful way to increase self-awareness. We suggest you have a mandala somewhere in your place of residence or work so that you are always on the path to peace and self-knowledge.
One of the crucial elements is the flower. Lotus flowers, in particular, with identical, rotating petals, play a critical role in drawing mandalas. In addition to being a circle, a flower has an aesthetic sense.
In addition to reducing stress and increasing mind control, mandalas can remove depression and negative energies from our minds.
For us, mandalas are like a fountain of water and irrigation. They depict the passage of time like clockwork. The four seasons are the female principle, the earth, and the four elements (soil, water, fire, and air). And with its shape like the sun, it shows perfection, enlightenment, wisdom, and spiritual insight.
In short, a mandala has all the attributes of nature, spirituality, serenity, and self-knowledge. Our online store will quickly provide you with one of these beautiful works of wooden wall sculptures.

This is a Collaborative work with “Maria”

About Maria

I’m a Sydney-based Indian mandala artist. I discovered the mandala art and fell in love with the artform, last year at the peak of the pandemic.

Drawing mandalas is a slow, precise process and I learned that it had a therapeutic, calming effect on me. It helped me practice mindfulness and I found myself drawing mandalas over and over again to keep me grounded.

As it should be, my creating process includes going with the flow, giving in to the intuition and staying in the moment. It has helped me immensely to keep my sanity during this pandemic and I will continue to draw till I can 🙂

If you need personalized mandala, you may contact me via

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Size: Diameter 60cm

Made up of 6 Layers


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