Laser Cut Circle Mandala Clock Artworks front view

Rosette mandala wall clock

Around the face of this wall clock, layers of delicate laser cut wood build upon each other to build a glorious design known as a Rosette in the form of a mandala.
In art and architecture, a rosette is a round, stylized flower design, derived from the shape of a botanical rosette. In botany, a rosette is a circular arrangement of leaves that remain clustered tightly together. for example, the White Dryad, an 8-petal flower found largely in cold climates, is a well-known form of a rosette.
The face of this clock is built parallel to a wooden 8-petal flower. The small flower works as an artistic focal point and spreads across the piece into a more intricate and detailed design.
The 8-petal flower is a symbol seen in ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Persian artifacts. Carved into wood and stone, they were used as ornaments for decoration.
In history, rosettes are often found to be a symbol of the sun. A metaphor for the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth as it is seen in nature. Indicating moving from one state of existence to the other. This might explain a carved ivory disk bearing the 8-petal symbol being found at was is presumed to be the site of a child’s burial. The artifact was found in modern-day Russia and dates back to the upper Paleolithic period.
Use this wooden wall clock to bring a subtle touch of history, culture, and floral beauty to your room.


Measure: Diameter: 60 cm
Made up of 11 layers


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