Mandala mirror wooden wall art with a center mirror( front voew1)

Mandala wall art Mirror


With its finesse, complexity, and symmetry, this geometric shape can provide people with peace of mind and take away any tension they are experiencing.
The mandala is one of the most well-known and authoritative forms of art therapy among the schools of Buddhism and Hinduism and great psychologists such as Carl Gustav Jung. The term, which literally means circle, refers to specific geometric shapes and drawings that express human mental and internal interactions and their relationship to the supernatural aspects of the universe. The use of mandalas has many benefits, including reducing anxiety, creating concentration, and eliminating depression.
Mandalas have a magical effect, reducing mental disturbances and creating order in them, and often affect people that will be identified later. Each of these can bring a tremendous amount of beauty and serenity to your environment.
A room decorated with mandala art can calm the most troubled minds. It is unlikely that anyone will come to your house and not say anything about your beautiful Mandala Design. These mysterious laser cut art wood call all minds to themselves and astonish their eyes. Man’s natural inclination towards unique mandala designs is not without reason because all enlightened people realize the rare connection between the beauty of the mandala and the inner world of humans.
The sun is circular, a role that is very important in mandalas. In addition, the sun in all religions; Indicates perfection, enlightenment, wisdom, and spiritual insight. The importance of the sun in all faiths is characterized by the fact that the sun has always had a high place in the human subconscious.
All these spiritual, cosmic and soothing attributes together have created a beauty that undoubtedly encourages everyone to have one of these unique mandalas wood layered sculptures. If you agree with me, then come to our site to help you buy one of them.

Size: Diameter 60 cm

Size of mirror: 19.4 cm

Made up of 6 layers


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