Mira Wooden Mandala Wall Art front view

Mira Wooden Mandala Wall Art


Many medical and care centers have begun to rely increasingly on complementary and alternative therapies as well as adjunctive treatments and general supportive therapies.
In the Orient, the mandala is the most prominent symbol of contemplation and revelation, and as for Jung, it was a union of consciousness and ignorance and mental integrity. It can be an image of God and self for you.
Mandalas are symbolic circles for focusing on oneself and searching within oneself.
The center of the mandala circle is used to focus during religious meditation. The symmetrical geometric shapes of the mandala automatically draw one’s attention to the center of the ring.
By having Mandala Art like this one, you bring a lot of spiritual value to your environment.
This laser cut art wood can be installed in the room, workplace, home, or any other place where you spend more time and benefit from the ancient knowledge about the evolution of the universe and the world system.
Do you also want the power of Buddha and healing to flow around you? So have a Mandala Design within your decoration.
You may be interested to know that the lotus flower is a symbol of Buddhist teachings. With the help of the lagoon’s mud and sludge, this plant’s roots grow deeply, and it is this opportunity that prompts it to extend its stem to the surface of the water and to spread its petals all over. It is a symbol of the human body, soul, and the ability of the heart to nourish the body and the world environment and accordingly grow towards God and reach Him.
This unique design, with its impressive magnificence, shows a combination of spirituality and glamour. To buy, you can take a look at our Etsy Shop.

Size: Diameter 60 cm

Made up of 10 layers


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