Modern mandala wooden mirror wall sculpture front view

Miro Wooden Mandala Wall Mirror


Mandala art is a very famous type of art these days. Many shapes and designs come together to make a great pattern of symbols and spiritual elements. They are very popular with Asian people and those who like the cultural background of the arts. Hang these laser-cut sculptures on the walls of your rooms, and you will feel the atmosphere is fresh! Then, depending on yourself, you can interpret the elements and use them in your day-to-day life.
A very common way to enjoy Mandala is to focus on them for meditation and healing. They represent very deep concepts about our lives, reminding us of the intricacy of the universe and cosmos. Many people choose an empty part on their walls and hang them in the middle of the wall.  In this case, the shape of Mandala Art is a circle and makes it easy to fit into the decor.
In the circle, you see unity, harmony in nature, pace, and wholeness, representing how everything is part of one whole unit. Surprisingly, Mandala is a Sanskrit name meaning: “Circle,” and this one has many circle-shaped designs. All in all, these laser-cut art woods are meant to be effective elements in the environment; try to use them to enhance the level of spirituality in your room.
Don’t forget that every line in these layered laser-cut Mandalas is a representation of something related to your life. If you concentrate on the design, you will find your inner self more satisfied, and a warm feeling comes to your life using them.
To have a great combination of beauty and philosophical art in your room, it is enough to choose your favorite pattern, and it will be yours. To find out more about them, check out our Etsy Shop.

Size: Diameter 60cm

Made up of 7 Layers


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