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Pajal Wooden Mandala Wall Art

Do you know what vintage is? Have you ever heard of Vintage decoration? A vintage decor or design has significant and recognizable value since it dates back to another era. Mandala Art Decoration , interior design, and other fields applicable to this style. There are lots of items that can use in a vintage design. Also, apart from things that initially belong to another era, we have items created in a way that reminds us of previous periods and have elements that imitate old fashions. These pieces come in significant variations. Mandala in Everyday’s Life From wardrobes and chairs to frames and table lamps. Here we have a wooden frame that has been designed based on the vintage column patterns.

You might have seen those ancient columns with Doric and Ionic styles. These styles belong to Ancient Greek, and you can see many examples of them in various temples and sanctuaries in philosophy of mandala. As you can see in the picture, the border of this frame resembles those old columns and is embellished with motifs that might remind you of plants like honeysuckle and bindweed. These beautiful leaves in company with repetitive patterns around result in a charming combination that catches the imagination of its viewers. Another Interesting point is that the design can change based on your interest and what you order. You can change the pattern of plants, repetitive circles, and, of course, the word and the shape in the middle of the artwork. It can either be a character, a comment, or whatever else you want. Also, you can order a different color of wood with our consultation.

If you are interested in something you do not find here, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and let us know. To find out more about them, check out our Etsy Shop.

Size: 40*60 cm

Made up of 8 Layers


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