Modern mandala wall sculpture front view

Sacred Circle Mandala Wooden wall art


Mandala is a philosophical piece of art. There are many shapes and forms in them, and each element represents a state of being or a philosophical concept. Mandala means “circle” in the Sanskrit language and is an ancient form of art from Asian cultures. This laser-cut wooden wall art is a great example of modern Mandala design.
It is a circle including many mixed shapes and lines. Surprisingly, each person can find his or her shapes. Circles, spirals, and repeated numbers like the number four form this laser-cut sculpture. It totally depends on you and your way of thinking, but there are some common interpretations for them. They can be inspiring and helpful throughout your meditation journey.
Number four is a repeated number in this design; it brings a profound emphasis on the importance of the future and having stability. The state of being sure and comfortable about the future is most commonly shown by number four, and here you can see four spirals in the center part of the Mandala.
These four spirals represent the concept of “Movement.” Moving upward and downward and everlasting energy are the meanings behind the spiral shape. To those who really like to experience a meditation journey or a healing process using Mandala, these spirals play a vital role as energy sources.
This laser-cut wall art is made of high-quality wood in a range of dark and bright colors. The main usage for this type of art is to hang them on the wall, trying to fit them into other components of your decoration. They fit perfectly in minimal decors and Asian styles.
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Size: Diameter 50 cm

8 layers


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