Shakiba Wooden mandala Wall Art front view

Shakiba Wooden mandala Wall Art


Mandalas represent man’s inner layers, looking at it or drawing it; It makes one focus on oneself and searches within. The center of the circle in the mandala is the place used for concentration while meditating. So that by looking at the center of the process, the attention is reduced and disappears from the surroundings, and gradually, the person’s attention is turned inwards. Also, geometric, symmetrical shapes in mandala layers; automatically draw the person’s attention to the circle’s center.
These Sacred arts can even be seen from under a microscope to behind a telescope, from the strange arrangement of ice crystals to the unparalleled coherence of the planets, galaxies, and the universe. Therefore, it has a permanent presence in our lives. A mandala is more than a simple shape, and it can be considered a model of life structure. This ancient geometric design is a cosmic diagram that reminds us of relationships to infinity and expands the world inside and outside our bodies and minds. The circle symbolizes the soul, a symbol of the human subconscious as Plato thought of the soul as a sphere.
Examples of this mandala art can be found in medieval religious motifs and murals from that period. It is clear to everyone that this mandala is a mixture of spirituality that makes art more visible with its exceptional natural color and will embrace your room with its beauty. So without a doubt, having a mandala in your house or around you would give a medieval splendor to the environment. You will also benefit from its religious and spiritual attributes. A mandala can help to calm your soul. Any wall containing a mandala will no longer be an ordinary wall because the magical and energetic presence of these sacred pieces will engage the environment, which is a good thing.
Our wooden mandala wall sculpture is one of the symbols that has a clear sign of spirituality. Every ethnic group with these archetypes and symbols can continue its cultural and psychological life.
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This is a Collaborative work with “Vaishnavi Luniya”

I am Vaishnavi Luniya a self learnt Mandala artist by passion and an interior designer by profession.
I am 22 years old from the Dewas (Madhya Pradesh).

I was good in arts since childhood and used to get every art assignment for school by my teachers. I also participated in many art and craft competitions and won them as well.
After getting into college, I left behind everything and couldn’t continue drawing due to numerous assignments and projects.

One day while browsing through Pinterest, I came across a MANDALA and got fascinated by the details and intricacies of the design. At that point of time I was unaware of the fact that this art form is known as Mandala!!

From the very next day I started drawing few mandalas of my own, but again discontinued due to my college assignments.
After about three and half years, I again got a chance to do mandalas during the lockdown period and haven’t stopped since then.

That day I decided to start an Instagram page of my own where I share all the artworks that I do.
I really like to experiment with different media and styles. I am not sure if I have developed a style of my own but I am trying really hard.
Mandalas are a therapy to me and I can do them and stare at them all day long!

To see Vaishnave’s arts you can follow her on Instagram


Size: Diameter 60 cm

Made up of 6 Layers


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