Laser Cut Mandala Clock Artworks Side view

Lotus mandala wall clock

In this wooden wall clock, layers of laser cut pieces build on each other to create a Flower Mandala. A Lotus.
Flower mandalas are used in meditation to focus attention and display personal or spiritual growth
The Lotus has deep meaning and symbolism in Asian cultures since the flower is native to most of the countries in Asia.

In Buddhism, this flower is a symbol of rising above the material world. It’s a way to reach a new level of connection with the spiritual universe.
In Hinduism, the lotus is a sign of purity. It’s related to deities that bring fortune and creativity.
The lotus is even displayed in western societies, either simply as a sign of beauty or spiritualism

The geometric symbols within the Lotus mandala carry sacred ties across the world, they are used to represent enlightenment, promote spiritual growth, and they’ve been used to connect with one’s inner self for centuries.

Use this wooden art piece not only for its practicality but also to bring beauty and spirituality to your room.


Measure: Diameter: 65 cm
Made up of 9 layers


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