Zuma Wooden Mandala Wall Art front view

Zuma Wooden Mandala Wall Art


Mandalas are considered a symbol of the universe and symbolize unity and diversity in Eastern philosophy. According to Carl Gustav Jung (psychiatrist and thinker of the 20th century), the mandala can restart its disintegrated human mind and reunite. This is what makes it heal because of mental illness and even physical.
Mandalas are mysterious and hidden worlds that you discover by depicting them. The mandala can be considered an art to achieving inner peace, increasing your concentration of the mind.
The profound effect of mandalas on creating peace of mind and increasing the level of intelligence of people has been scientifically proven, and today mandalas are used in many art therapy centers as an effective way to reduce stress and mental tension. So be one of these people and use one of them to treat your soul and anxiety.
By having and looking at the mandala, you can discover your individuality and reality and be amazed at how it regulates and organizes chaos. The sacred geometric mandala design, reminiscent of the branches and roots of trees with an inspiring sense of brown wood, as you can see, is compelling in restoring the lost spirit and order of your life.
This wooden multi layered mandala is a pictorial expression of the mind. When the inside of a person disintegrates, the key to healing is to recreate the interior. There is an Arabic text written on this pattern: الفرصه” تمّر مر السحاب” meaning: Time passes just like the clouds. With this meaningful reminder on your wall, you get closer to the state of being aware and conscious about the universe and your role in every moment.
What appears in the mandala is repetition, repetition, and repetition until a single symmetry is reached. Regular repetition to achieve unity and balance is precisely the refinement and order your turmoil needs.
Mandala understanding is tied to spirituality, and even in Islamic architecture and mosques and churches, mandala motifs have been used frequently. Mandalas are everywhere, in constellations, trees, human organs, and. So it is essential to have it in your place of residence or workplace.
In 1969, a rocket was launched into space, and a picture of the Earth was taken. And since then, it has been believed that the Earth is also a mandala. Who does not want an excellent and at the same time so glorious model as the Earth?
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Size: 100*70 cm

Made up of 8 Layers


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