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Mandala in Everyday’s Life

A mandala is a type of art or a combination of shapes and elements as a piece of art on paper or wood, Etc. They have been around since many years ago and now are very popular types of art in our houses. The perfect thing about them is the way they influence us when we use them in our day-to-day lives. In this article, we want to get closer to Mandalas and find their significant role in our life, feelings, and consciousness.

The Perfect Figure

The entire universe and nature are shaped circularly, from the sun, the moon, the planets to trees, flowers, atoms, and cells. Everything has a circular pattern in it, whether you figure out about it or not. Life is also circular, like everything around us, as well as the infinite spiral we live in.

The rounded shapes of our bodies remind us that we are small systems in a bigger one, that we are part of the Absolute, and the Absolute is within us. This wholeness and repeated circles make the perfect figures in Mandalas. These pieces of art represent the belief that everything is connected and that life is never-ending. They also represent the spiritual journey that a person goes through in their lifetime. 

Mandala in Everyday Life

In Sanskrit, Mandala means circle. They are a spiritual symbol of the universe in Hinduism and Buddhism. The Mandala symbolizes everything being connected and that life will never end, as well as the spiritual journey that a person undergoes in their experience of life. The first step will be recognizing the unity that exists in the world. Second, the individual must discover his or her place in the cosmos and their role in the universe. 

Some Mandalas look like circles inside squares, with a goddess shown on each side. This is a type of Mandala most commonly found in meditation and yoga. So you can see even in meditation, you can use Mandalas. In addition to meditation, these designs are used to relieve irritation and free the mind from thoughts. This practice gives them a calm time, relaxing. So people make and examine them to calm their mind and body.

How to Use the Mandalas in Meditation

Mandalas are used as a practice of meditation to gain knowledge from the inside out. There are many people around the world meditating daily with the help of Mandalas and their mysteries. During meditation, they represent symbolic images that can help us to transform ourselves on a deeply personal level. 

Select Your Mandala

To prepare for meditating with Mandalas, you should first select one that you can communicate with. Next, focus upon the intention that you were thinking of bringing into your world and then gaze at the pattern of your favorite design.

Note that there is no difference between the types of Mandala. You can choose your favorite pattern and use it for any purpose. However, using Mandala wall arts in your decoration gives you the chance to have the picture right in front of yourself.

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Focus Time

If your mind drifts away from the beauty of the Mandala, simply bring it back to it by focusing on its designs and colors. The Mandala’s beauty should draw your full attention because of its uniqueness and deep meanings. 

Intuitive Thoughts

As you relax, you will feel a sense of lightness, and intuitive thoughts may come through. Just let your feelings and thoughts drift and put your attention back on the Mandala. 

Take Your Time

As you gain experience through meditation on Mandala, you can gradually increase the duration to fifteen minutes. Still, at the beginning of your exercise, it is better to spend only five minutes. Your experience plays a vital role here.

Mandalas in Healing Method

For centuries, mandalas have served as symbols of spiritual awareness. In addition to promoting psychic and spiritual healing, drawing or observing them can help us clear our individuality and reconnect with our inner self. Mandalas are similar in color and design but contain a central point that is connected to the cardinal points. They represent our entire being, reflecting our psyche.

Your response to these arts may vary from other people and is not about your age, sex, nationality or, culture. A mandala can be a journey toward ourselves, bringing into focus aspects that had previously been hidden in our unconscious. Using them in the healing process helps us discover the depth of our psyche.

Mandalas allow people access to the most intimate aspect of their psyche, which symbolizes how one sees his or her universe. Humans become involved with their spiritual sides through Mandala design. During the meditation, we achieve a transformation of our busy world into harmony and calmness. Through this integration, we transcend our present limitations and find an understanding of our full potential within the conceptual world.

What Is the Purpose of Having a Mandala?

Enhance Your Memory

Mandalas improve our ability to concentrate and enhance our memory. It happens when you constantly use your mental power to focus on designs and patterns. These sorts of exercises influence our brains, and their effect is often positive.

Positive Vibes

Drawing Mandalas activates positive energy by when it releases the deep meditation vibes. This hobby makes you use your creativity, and this adds up with concentration; guess the result!

Pinning Mandalas or Sources of Energy

By pinning a Wooden Mandala on our wall, we can improve the circulation of energy and create an environment of harmony and balance, which converts negative energy into positive energy. Mandalas also help keep the harmful energies out of our environment when used for health problems.


To open the windows to your inner self and chakras, you must select the right color for each chakra, depending on what you want to balance. Feeling balanced with using Mandalas is a common thing to experience among Mandala lovers.


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