Daenery Targeryan Laser cut Wall Art Front view

Daenerys Targaryen Laser Cut Wall Artworks

Daenerys Targaryen is one of the main characters in Game of Thrones series, who went through many ups and downs in the story and was attacked by various events and went through psychological and personality changes that helped to make her character stand out.

One of the most beautiful scenes and frames in the series has been depicted in this frame. The moment of myth retrieval, the moment in which myth sacrifices herself to reach higher perfection and move forward in hopes of achieving a higher status.
It is also a prominent scene that somehow promises the kingdom of Daenerys. The moment that Daenerys, along with her three dragons emerges from the fire, symbolizing purity and the origin of life as she undergoes metamorphosis. With the birth of 3 dragons and coming out of the fire, she is born with extra strength and courage.

In this work, all these descriptions, as well as the complex personality of Daenerys and her metamorphosis, have been compactly framed in a frame delineating the physical and psychological aesthetics of Daenerys. And it’s been tried to provoke the feeling of the need to change and rebirth for strength and courage, as well as movement and desire to be perfected to the viewer.

It is a memorable and beautiful frame for fans of GOT and the character of Daenerys as if she were immortalized here and her death at the end of the story is forgotten. And the confusion of fire and dragons behind the image of Daenerys brings us closer to the complex and intertwined world of her character.


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Height: 80 Centimeters; Width: 60 Centimeters


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