House Stark Flag Laser Cut Wall Art Side view

House Stark Laser Cut Wall Artworks

This beautiful wooden laser cut is perfect gift for a GAME OF THRONES fans. The House Stark’s coat of arms displays a gray dire wolf running on a white field, best symbolizing their readiness for winter’s hardship and snow. This preparation, of course, does not just mean their location in North Westeros, but also their preparation for their enemies.

The Stark’s coat of arms dire wolf in the series is cleverly designed and painted to look like an iron armor, pointing out the Stark family’s willingness to go to battle. It can be seen in John Snow’s stand against the Bolton in battle of bastards, or Ned Stark’s excessive loyalty and simplicity that even leads to his death.

The House Stark are the first of the Westeros families to have each of their main members suffer painfully, from the death of Ned Stark to the red wedding and all the disasters that Sansa, Arya and John Snow endured.
They may go down the precipice of oblivion until they fall, but with the willpower they change the equation.
They strongly represent the philosophy of Stoicism. A philosophy whose followers believe in hardiness and endurance against suffering.

The Stark words (Winter is Coming) are the most famous and memorable words among all the Westeros clans, though one of the reasons is that the Stark and non-Stark characters have been repeated so much that we have lost counting.

But its main reason is that this sentence reminds us, even in the most beautiful and cheering moments of life, these moments are mortal and will end, and that winter will come sooner or later.

In this work, it has been attempted to convey all these concepts to the viewers by embodying this coat of arms. And to regain the spirit of fighting and resistance and reflect it on his life. And remembering the Stark’s words.

Enjoying every moments of life and remembering that the present and now are the best times to prepare yourself for the difficult days ahead. Because winter and its promise are an integral part of life and should not be overlooked.

And as Bertolt Brecht puts it:
“And the one who is laughing has not heard the terrible news yet”.


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Height: 80 Centimeters; Width: 30 Centimeters


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