Leo Mandala Laser cut Wall Arts front view

Leo Wall Arts

The mandala design is more than a simple form and can be seen as a model of the structure of life, in fact, this ancient geometric design is a cosmic diagram of relationships to remind us the infinity and expand inside and outside the world of our mind and body. The circle is the symbol of the soul, the symbol of the unconscious of human beings, and in short, the designs follow the Mandalay pattern. You’ll see three semicircles created based on the designs of the Labyrinth (maze) in Greek myths. The Labyrinth was the name of the structure that King Minos of King Crete built. Minos’s goal by building such structure was to trap another legendary creature with the head of a cow and body of a human, called the Minotaur. The Labyrinth has a magical architecture, and all the maps it draws have no dead end, giving us an image of infinity.

These three semicircles and mazes actually represent aspects of your personality that are not infinite like the mazes, and no matter how far you go, you will not reach the end of your inner strength, insight, and confidence because these human dimensions are infinite.

Here’s a brief explanation of these three magical elements that have been tried to be portrayed in this Mandala design.

Self Confidence:
Notice the shapes that come from the center of the circle in the multilayer form of the center of the circle. It means rising from within and standing with full confidence to get attention. This mandala has the spirit of a lion, the spirit of a lion brings the glittering force, but the atmosphere of domination and sense of pride to itself. The spirit of the lion reminds us to always be strong and confident when we hunt for a new fish.

the power:

Pay attention to the perpendicular lines from the sides of the triangle to the center. It is like spears that are focused on one center. This figure shows the need to connect to our inner power. To be powerful but with the utmost caution. This piece contains the spirit of an eagle. The eagle reminds us that we can turn any seemingly impossible decision into a triumphant reality and summon the warrior within us, so dare to claim what you deserve. Walk confidently along the path to find your inner strength, and to know that you are worthy of your heart’s desires.

Observe the intricate designs that each represent one layer of the essence of your being, and the triangle that represents the three aspects of your life, and your insights as it erupts inside you like volcano explosions and new perspectives on the world which is forming within you.

This piece carries the spirit of an owl. The owl with a keen sense of vision helps to awaken your soul to the hidden realm of life and guard your inner wisdom. He knows himself well and knows when to adjust to his desires and dreams and when to rise against them.


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Measure: Diameter 60
Made up of 11 layers


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