The Sun Mandala Laser cut Artwork detailed front view

The Sun wooden mandala wall art

Use this wooden Sun mandala as decorative wall art to brighten a room and give it a spiritual touch.

A mandala is a spiritual symbol in Asian cultures. In cultures like Hinduism and Buddhism, it is believed that by entering the mandala and moving forward towards the center of the design, you are guided through the cosmic process of transforming the world from one of suffering to one of joy and happiness. Mandalas can contain a wide variety of shapes and symbols to promote spiritual growth and healing.

The sun is the symbol of vitality, passion and energy. It represents creativity, self-growth and healing. It is used in mandala artworks to manifest such traits in life.

Sun mandala designs have been depicted throughout history and can even be found in cave paintings or carved into ancient ruins. They are a part of religious and ceremonial events, and are used in artwork.

The center of the sun is the focal point in this laser cut piece. The distinct wooden lines are streaks of light that radiate toward the outer ring of the mandala. With detailed curves serving as the background and a darker wooden frame squaring off the edges of the design, this wooden artwork is a beautiful way to add warmth to your walls and give them a unique look.

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