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Use of Mandala Art in Your Decoration

Infusing your home with the energy of this spiritual sacred geometric symbol of meditation can be achieved through the use of mandalas as a feng shui design element. Using feng shui principles helps you figure out the meaning of the mandala design, and then you can decide where to put it.

Mandala Décor Inspiration

A Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle. It symbolizes holiness and the continuation of life. Buddhist monks use sand mandalas as instruments of meditation and reminders that everything is impermanent. 

Depending on your style, you could make a mandala from more permanent materials to be framed and placed in a particular feng shui place. This sense of creativity and getting deep into a piece of art is something you will remember later; when? As soon as you use these patterns in the decoration of the house.

Mandalas in Feng Shui Design

Mandalas offer a variety of possibilities when it comes to feng shui design and décor. It’s possible to choose from historical designs or modern ones, or maybe you want to print out mandalas to color or paint to match your existing décor. So using Wooden Mandala frames or wall sculptures and place them prominently in your living room, office, meditation room, or other room.

Mandala Wood Wall Art

The wooden mandala is a type of sacred geometry pattern made from layered laser-cut woods. They come in different appearances, and the main design on the top varies from one to another. We strongly recommend you add these beautiful pieces of wall sculpture to your decoration so that you can fully appreciate their presence in the environment.

One good thing about Mandala Wood Art is the super modern patterns used in them. Today, you can have your favorite pattern with different shapes in a Mandala. Your unique Mandala wall art frames are the result of many hours of process, representing your main interests and the pictures you like the most. This creativity has made these wooden arts famous in recent years.

Fill Your Feng Shui Needs

Historically-inspired mandalas are ideal for feng shui décor. These ancient symbols are often incorporated into a story. The Tibetan mandala has an outer circle with an inner square. Another style is a larger outer circle with a smaller inner circle (which represents the world). Select the sector that best suits your feng shui needs from the many diverse Mandalas.

Growth of the Youth

In Japanese Esoteric Buddhism, there is a certain position and placement for the Womb Realm Mandala. They put it in the east part of the room to represent the learning and growth of youth within the physical world. They used to get inspired by the background meaning of their Mandala. You can do the same.

Symbol of Education

As the northeast is associated with education in traditional beliefs, this area is another possible place for a power Mandala. You can hang, paint or put a type of these sacred symbols in the northeast part of your place. If you want to touch the energy, let it spread.

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4 Inspiring Ideas for Modern Mandalas in Decoration

We talked about using traditional types of Mandalas in the decoration of a room. The sides of North, South, East, and West were four important symbols for people in the past. That’s why we can see the importance of the sides when you are putting a traditional Mandala on the wall. 

For a modern piece, which is available in various types and forms, you need just a sparkling idea to find the best place for your Mandala. Whether you use the fabric Mandala or a wooden laser-cut Mandala, it is easy to find the inspiring spot in your place.

Behind the Bedhead

In addition to being a novel idea, it is an excellent alternative to traditional bed headboards. The big Mandala should be in the center of the bed, just a bit smaller than the width of the bed. Pick colors and elements that fit the bed and let your thoughts and wonderings run wild. Adding some small lights (different colors) to illuminate this area of the bed and the wall close to it would create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. This calm environment will help you sleep well.

In the Entryway

A peaceful mandala greets you as you enter the door after a long day. Then it reminds you that one must leave the pressure and stress of life over the door; here, inside the hallway, the calmness and meditation journey will begin.

For a boho-inspired entryway, some candles on the table would be the ideal choice, and for a wooden floor, a wooden mandala seems to be an excellent option. As we said before, there is no difference between the types of Mandalas, and you can benefit from any of them in your decoration. The point is to find the proper option that goes with your interior design. Anyway, laser-cut Mandalas come in different shapes and sizes, making it easier to find the suitable option matched with your room.

Mandalas with Elements

Different elements can also incorporate Mandalas. For example, to make a combination of Mandalas and Elements, you may place the rock in the northeast or southwest sector, the metal object in the west or northwest sector, the candle holder in the south, the wood object in the east or south, or the water fountain in the north sector.

Printed Textures with Mandalas

A fashionable pattern of mandala print is also a great option. Since there are many variations available, you should have no trouble finding one you like. Depending on the size of the room, you might prefer bright colors or warmer pastel shades. This is essential even if you are choosing a wooden Mandala. The color of the wooden part should go with the colors of the walls.

Extremely large areas shouldn’t use very colorful fabrics, as this will darken the vision and look a little garish. Some examples of how you could use printed fabric with mandalas are curtains, rugs, quilts on the bed, or cushions. Your living room can be embellished with mandala patterns by adding small details like cushions, or it can be filled with patterns by hanging curtains with printed patterns of Mandala.

A Take-Away Note

If you intend to use a mandala in your home decor, pay attention to the details of symbols and colors. Learn about the meaning that a mandala represents and how to select and ultimately place it. It would not be helpful to choose a random pattern and put it somewhere carelessly. If you are going through a journey, you need to be awake and ready to feel the vibes and energy.

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